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Phoenix Aviation Training Academy is established with the objective of providing quality training in aviation, hospitality, management, and fashion technology to students and establishes them early in their career. We train our students in airline ground handling, customer service, and hospitality so that they deliver exceptional customer service and become valuable to the organization where they work. We have an excellent team of academicians including retired airline personnel and with international credentials. The programmes run at the center are approved by Govt; AICTE/UGC. We have a distinction of placing all our qualified students in prestigious airlines/ground handling companies and we are committed to their wellbeing.

Message from Institution Head

Trends in Aviation and opportunities in the Industry

The Aviation Industry in India is the most rapidly growing aviation sector of the world. With the rise in the economy of the country and followed by the liberalization in the aviation sector, the Aviation Industry in India went through a complete transformation in the recent period.

A massive boom in the tourism industry and increasing levels of disposable incomes have given an intense impetus to the Indian Aviation industry; the major contributor being civil aviation. Strong government support and private participation, coupled with the availability of skilled manpower, and favorable business environment have positioned India as an attractive investment destination on the world map. The growth in the Indian economy has increased the Gross Domestic Product above 8% and this high growth rate will be sustained for a good number of years. Air traffic has grown enormously and expected to have a growth which would be above 25% in the travel segment.

In the present scenario around 6 domestic airlines and above 80 international airlines are operating in India. With the growth in the economy and stability of the country, India has become one of the preferred locations for trade and commerce activities. The Indian Aviation sector grew around 13.6 percent year-on-year in FY 2010, which was amongst the highest globally. The growth of airlines traffic in Aviation Industry in India is almost four times above the international average. Aviation Industry in India has placed the biggest order for aircraft globally. Aviation Industry in India holds around 69% of the total share of the airline’s traffic in the region of South Asia.

With this growth, the industry is expected to usher enormous opportunities for Airline and Airport jobs. The various job opportunities in the Airport management involve various positions in the airport like Operations, Apron, Maintenance, Terminal etc.

The tremendous opportunities in Airlines jobs involve Operations (commercial pilots), Aircraft Maintenance and its support services, Cabin crew, and ground handling.

With the introduction of new ground handling policy by the Government of India and privatization of various Metro airports, the ground handling jobs have become very lucrative. International ground handling companies are providing quality services at various airports across India and thus has created enormous quality jobs in Ground handling like Customer service, Ramp Handling, Load control other than various management positions.

With the tremendous growth in air traffic, with the introduction of various private players and a huge aircraft delivery into the Indian market, the future of Indian Aviation looks very bright.

Wish you the very best,
Center Head