I am currently working with Casino Group of Hotels as a Guest Service Associate.My everyday job entails me to interact with guests all around the globe and people from various walks of life having varied profiles.Everyday is a new day for me and I get to learn a lot of things.The hotel that I work with have a very young energetic group of people who are employees and hence there is a lot of positive energy in the system.I am extremely happy being associated with such a vibrant industry where each day I am able to do things better and this comes naturally to me.

I always as a child till the time I grew up and till date dreamt that I wanted to join the Hospitality industry.I want to take this opportunity to thank the Entire Faculty Team at Phoenix without whom this dream of mine would not have been fulfilled.If it would not have been for your very loving and caring ways of teaching all of us as students inspite of us coming from different backgrounds-we would not have been able to groom ourselves so well to face the industry.I must put on records the efforts that you have put in individually to groom all of us both for personality development and Communication skills is commendable. Thank you Faculty.Without your help-we would not have been where we are today.