Arun Kumar

I am currently working for an airport Ground Handling agency.I am thoroughly enjoying my work as whatever I have learnt at the academy-I am able to  utilse it in my daily activities at work.The theoretical inputs that I got as a student at the academy has been of immense help also.

A big majority of the course content taught at the academy is very much industry friendly and the faculty who teaches at the academy also has airline experience both at the ground level and In flight.This has helped us as students to mould ourselves to face the industry.Personally-After I have joined the academy-there has been tremendous improvement on myself in terms of my grooming and communication levels and I think that it was one of the reasons that I got placed even when I was pursuing my course.Another fact which I would like to highlight is that the Academy puts in a lot of efforts to improve the overall development of all its students by way of various activities like organizing Yoga sessions,celebrations of important dates in the calendar,maintaining a rich library with varied books,training on grooming and classes on various soft skills programmes.Phoenix academy is like a school where every student is cared for and nurtured till he/she is ready to face the outer world moreso the aviation and hospitality industry.Thank you Phoenix.Am so proud to be a Phoenicon.