CAREER TAKE.OFF by Sarath S Warrier

Hi Everybody!! I have created this blog just to share something to all of the youngsters who are about to built up their career in a better way. The contents in this blog are strictly my personal views.
So let me start with my own experience.

After 3 years of stunning experience from St. Albert’s college, I came to face the real world; it is just like a war front. I saw the youngsters who were struggling hard to get a job. I was also about to choose my career path. For a Commerce student, accounting posts are vacant everywhere. But I was not at all interested in that, doing the same job from day one till the end of life. So I thought of something different. The next best option in my mind was to choose a service industry job.

I choose Aviation as my career topic. I did many comparison studies with many courses and institutes. And at the end of the day, my mind came out with a nice course and the best institute. Now as an Aviation student, I can say a lot about this career to youngsters.

Aviation industry offers a plethora of options even for the beginners who wish to choose it as their career. As the recent studies say, by 2014 India will be one of the five largest domestic aviation markets with 69 million passengers. Airline industry offers career in different fields like aircraft handling, passenger handling, cargo handling, services, man power solutions, maintenance of ground service equipment etc etc etc . . .

The beauty I found in this field is that, to be part of aviation industry one not only be highly qualified but also physically fit and should have good communication skills!!

The basic qualities for a candidate are:-

Should be graduate and trained in airport operations,
Should posses good speaking skill
Pleasing personality
Ability to handle various types of customers.

When coming to the salary, this industry offers the best sum of money even for the beginners. The starting salary will be from 10-13 k! No other industry offers such a big scale. Increments of promotions are also there as per company’s policy, coupled with performance.

So ,let me conclude this blog with a simple message. Dudes who wish to join this industry should be willing to work hard without any compromise in the quality. And if you have a good reasoning skill, smart, charming personality and passion to fly high, great heights are waiting for you.

Wish you all the best. Thank you