In Search of my Dream- Mirthas

Dreaming to become something in life, keeps you active and gives you an interest in doing things. In fact we can say that, in some way we are living here to achieve our dream, that is something big; and that keeps us alive.

Everyone will be having some sort of dreams or ambitions, like ,to be an Engineer, a doctor, or to be a teacher which includes in the usual category. Like that, I too had a Big Dream in my childhood itself. A dream that came out from the innocent child in me. Yes, ‘to be a pilot’. I don’t know why such a great dream came to my mind in those days. May be because of the chances I got to travel abroad with my family when I was a child. The Airport, travelers from different country, hugeaircraft, beautiful crew and the pilot who took us on a heavenly trip, really fascinated me. There, I fell in love with the Aviation industry.

As I grew up, I realizes that, being a middle class family, my parents won’t be able to afford the huge fee that the ‘ be a pilot’ course demands. I started searching for different institutes which offer the best aviation course with a low fee structure. I don’t have any of my relatives in this very career, and that made my work difficult to find a good place. After being to lots of seminars and research I summed up to Phoenix Aviation Academy. I hope, all the way Phoenix will support me to fulfill my dream and hope my dream will come true.