Minnu K Johnson

plus 2 exams and after  my results were out-I soon found myself on the cross roads of choosing my career.The only advantage was that I was not confused at all .In the interim time after my exams were over and till the time my results were out-I had very confidently decided with the support of my parents that I wanted to join the hospitality and Service Industry.By this time-I had done a lot of reading about the industry and also understood that hospitality industry is very job oriented and there is a lot of career opportunities available after I would complete the course.

Now I can proudly say that all my dreams and aspirations are coming to a reality even though I know that there are more areas for me to grow and improve on my career.I came into the industry as a simple plus two passed out student.But with the help of my very diligent,efficient and experienced faculty  at Phoenix Aviation Academy-I was transformed into an industry professional.The training and qualitative inputs that I got at the academy  is worth a mention.The course content is upto date and  is the latest information which is required for the industry.This has really helped me while I am working now and it has been an added advantage to my recruitment into the industry.The extra English communication classes,the grooming classes,the yoga classes,industry visits ,internship trainings have all added up to my overall development as a hospitality professional. Today I am more confident and am sure that I can handle any difficult situation.Any student who enrolls himself/herself in the Phoenix Aviation academy can rest be assured of a great job placement and a bright career ahead.