I am currently working with AISATS,Bangalore as a customer service agent.Working here is a great experience and a happy experience too.Am able to perform to my best and with the appreciations that I get on an almost daily basis helps me to strive even further.

The aviation and hospitality management course that I pursued with Phoenix aviation training academy –I must say has really helped me a lot to achieve what I have achieved today both personally and professionally.Personally because I get so much of job satisfaction doing what I am doing   and professionally because-I was already placed in a job even before I completed my course.After I joined AISATS,Bangalore-A  lot of candidates had joined  the same organisation from many other academies country wide.I must say proudly that we as Phoenicons performed better than the others in all aspects be it practically,knowledgewise,grooming wise and interaction skills.Phoenix aviation academy  has really helped me to get the best out of myself.At my academy and now even at my workplace-I am known to be a very bubbly and cheerful and energetic person due to my vibrant personality,good grooming and great interaction skills.

Thank you Phoenix Aviation Training academy.