christmas blog


It was a fine cold December morning, our last working day of the year, 21st of December. All were in a festive mood. We were having our Christmas celebration in our institute. Crib and X-mas tree were set up a day before. It was so fun to see all working on it. On the day of celebration all were draped in red and white, the colour of X- mas, with a red cap on the head.

We began our celebration by 11.00 O’clock. Febin was the M. C. for the day with his funny and smart comments. Began with a prayer song by Lakshmi mam. All were bought into that X- mas mood with Anita mam’s X- mas message. Christmas papani was a spec of surprise for all. All were so thrilled to know who is behind that was only at the end, they realized that it was me. I cut the cake on behalf of everyone. Later we went out singing carols giving sweets to the shops nearby. The wonderful moment came to an end by 1 O’ clock. We went home taking the good memories in our heart.