After completing B.A. Functional English from Malabar Christian College, I  had no idea what to do next. I was told to go for MBA by my parents and friends. But I knew that, it is not the way for me. I want to do something different.

I always had a passion for Aviation since childhood. So I decided to go for it. Then I started searching a good aviation academy and couldn’t find any institute which provides good faculties, courses and exposure.

Luckily I came to know about Phoenix Aviation Academy , through a seminar held at Calicut. It was when I understood that this is the place for me to pursue my passion.

Then joined Phoenix and started my new life as a phoenicon !!!

In Phoenix :

  • Faculties are so co-operative and inspiring
  • Speaking in English is mandatory
  • We celebrate all festivals
  • We dedicate every Friday for extracurricular activities and that use to be a fun filled day which help us to improve our leadership qualities, language , public speaking etc…..

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